Austin Freeland

Located in Lexington, South Carolina 

Now accepting new projects.

Available for assignments world wide. 

Contact                                                   +1 (304) 210 2914


Austin Freeland is a photographer, videographer, and editor born and raised in West Virginia. He is a self taught artist that currently works as a creative for Sorinex Exercise Equipment. He currently splits his time between music, wedding, fashion, and film industries.


Sorinex Exercise Equipment, HVIII Brand Goods, Habit Coffee Company, Bent Barbell Club, Bent Barbell Nutrition, The Violence Academy, Sorinex Tactical Applications Group, Nails By Ayla, Casey Hardman Productions, Angel Boy Productions, Dead Poetz Society, Murphy's Farm, Logan Mace Productions, Ace Era Productions, End the Epidemic Brand, Norwood Wedding, Snuffer Wedding, Jeremy Wiltse NPC Bodybuilder.